Back In the Saddle Again

I’m trying to finish up the last few minutes of work today, but my mind has been elsewhere. Mostly thinking what the hell are we thinking. We are going to attempt a 3rd IVF round at a new clinic with our parts.

We had two consultations this week and will have another next week. Before proceeding, we are going to do a battery of tests. They start Friday for me. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally ready to be medically violated so soon after the last round. I’m running again, I have a half marathon coming up, I’m almost back to my pre-IVF weight. I’m not sure if I’m emotionally healed and prepared enough to start another round. I was teary all last week; I blamed that on hormones. I’m still crying this week; I doubt it is all hormone related. I know we are not financially ready. Our bank accounts have never been this depleted. Farewell our winter vacation to Arizona.

I’m ready to become a parent. I was ready to become one years before we actively started trying three years ago.We are not ready to give up on the fertility treatments. So here we are again.


Maynard dumbfounded we are going to put ourselves through IVF yet again.



2 thoughts on “Back In the Saddle Again

  1. Kyndall, I love reading your blog… Im toying with the idea of starting a blog too, but haven’t found the energy just yet. I’m sorry this journey has been so freaking instrusive and all a bit shite. I’m thinking of you, and hoping the running gives you sometype of ‘release’ during this 3rd round of IVF.


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