Pssst… you are perfectly imperfect and amazing!

“Self-compassion is a way of relating to the ever-changing landscape of who we are with kindness and acceptance—especially when we fail or feel inadequate … Self-compassion requires acknowledging that we share the human condition of imperfection.”   ~ Sara Neff

This quote and blog post on Find Your Middle Ground really hit home this week. The blog was on having self-compassion. Something we could all have more of. More compassion for others would also be great. We are all imperfect yet perfect in our own way.

I ran a 1/2 marathon last weekend. I’m usually racing weekly but not this year. I did one sprint triathlon in the spring with my mom since she loves it. In a little over a month, I started to run again post the latest round of IVF and was able to run an entire 13 miles. At first, I was upset with my time – still a little disappointed. It was 20 minutes slower than my PR (personal record). I had to remind myself that I have not been running and have done two full rounds of IVF this year, the latest one in August. My imperfect yet perfect body carried me through 13 chilly miles. A reminder that my body is amazing.

Pre-race with my father and brother circa 1990 something.

We are all setting our own PRs in different arenas of life. Perhaps if we do not crush our own PRs, we need to adjust our expectations and accept what we are able to accomplish. For me, this race is now my post-IVF PR. Can I get a ribbon for that? 😉


5 thoughts on “Pssst… you are perfectly imperfect and amazing!

    1. I checked the date – it was 1992 so barely 90s. And my dad still has that ‘stache! He shaved it off for his 60th birthday since my mom nor I had ever seen him without it. He looked odd without it so it came back.

      We are all badass! 🙂


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