Big Box of Hope

“Look at that big box of hope!” my husband exclaimed this morning at our box of supplements that had arrived. For a few hundred dollars, hope is available online and will be mailed to your door. You can pick your version of hope. We went with supplements. Some opt for baby dust. Some opt for socks.

Hope in A Box
A real last resort, the dust of babies. What the hell is this shit? Then again, my husband jokes that most of the supplements are sawdust. Maybe supplement fillers should start using baby dust!

5 thoughts on “Big Box of Hope

  1. oh god i’ve seen that baby dust shit, it’s so awful! and you know how i hate that term anyhow. how about getting a forehead tattoo in all caps that says “infertile, fuck you” instead?

    why the hell do boxes of hope cost in the five digits? 🙂

    here’s to hope though, dammit!


  2. I have a few bottles of hope too… they seem to balance out the effects of my little boxes of despair that come in pretty little pregnancy test packaging.

    I haven’t seen the baby dust stuff yet, oh dear!


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