Cat Videos Cannot Fix This

The last few weeks have been weighing heavy on my heart. These weeks make me long to be a child again when I was unaware that the world could be a very adjective filled place.

Our community is in mourning. Fairbanks lost a police officer this week, a wife lost her husband, and four children are now fatherless. My husband, as a paramedic, works closely with the police and knew him. He said he was a great officer. He is also familiar with the guy that shot him. My husband often works next to the police though he has no firearm or bulletproof vest. My heart aches for his family, his fellow officers, and our community.

A friend approached me yesterday to ask if I thought another friend’s husband could get physically abusive. Unfortunately, it is in the realm of possibilities. I guess she came to work with a huge black eye with the excuse that she was drunk and couldn’t remember how she got it. A few months ago, a black eye from a door she ran into. There was a shoulder injury. Then something with her side. We don’t know that he is abusing her, but I cannot just walk away from this. My mom’s cousin was murdered by her husband. A childhood friend shot his wife a few years ago.

Currently, on the campus I work, there is a rape case that has been drawing attention because of poor management of it. I do not know her, but I know I could have been her. Then this case  came up. It occurred at my former place of employment while I was working there. I know the feeling that Angie is going through. The painter in our building a few years ago smacked my ass. I did not report it and regret that. Instead, I avoided him for a week as he finished up working in our building. It interrupted my work and made it an uncomfortable place to be. Angie was blown off as it was nothing significant but emotionally, it is quite damaging. I’m upset about how people I know, people I worked with, have handled this. I’m upset that I never spoke up about the multiple times that something similar has happened to me (not at that institution). However, look what happens when you do speak up.

All the cat videos in the world are not going to ease my heart right now. Time to put on my big girl pants and start doing something. Start saying something.



3 thoughts on “Cat Videos Cannot Fix This

  1. Well put. Speaking up is huge, both professionally and personally, getting personally involved in the community volunteering (I love the website VolunteerMatch, as I’ve found out about so many smaller nonprofits that need help), and donating to local nonprofits who are doing so much of the work to protect the underserved. It never feels like enough, but it is a start. Ironically speaking up I think is often the thing that is least done – people will volunteer and donate, but will they call shit out when they see it? I have been on LinkedIn a lot responding to posts about women in the workplace as there is a sick number of Trump-ian types who literally mock women and people of color and the related equity issues that have been so pervasive. And then there is, of course, voting – the more we can do to get people out there and vote against this horrendous bastard called Trump, the better off women will be. Many think it’s a given Clinton will win but if we remember 2000 when GWBush won *without* the popular vote, anything is possible.

    PS – great writing.


    1. After this election, I will be getting more involved than I have been. What I have been doing has not been enough. I think we all need to step up to the plate. I also need to get better about speaking up when something is afoul.

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