The couch.

I moved a couch into my office. It is nestled right behind the door. I have heard several people approach today, see before reaching my door, that I’m not at my computer and standing desk, then turn and leave. I haven’t stopped them. A few have poked their head in my office, and I’ve startled them. It’ll take them awhile to get used to me on this couch behind my door. I’ve been quite productive on this couch today. Though I’m sure there are some health issues from working from a sofa with a laptop in your lap instead of my standing desk with my monitor and keyboard ergonomically placed according to my office safety training that was mandatory training when I took this job. And while my laptop screen is quite a bit smaller, the trackpad sensitivity is diminished, and the speed is a snail’s pace compared to my desktop, this couch is a million times better than my anti-fatigue mat. This couch is a worn-in, leather sofa that you can melt into. I think all Mondays will be spent with a cup of tea, the couch, and tedious paperwork. Paperwork goes down better on a couch.



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