Celebrating with Election Cake!

I have been waiting for this day since October 23rd, 2016 when I heard this NPR story on Election Cake. I’ve been patiently waiting and plotting my own Election Cake. I love cake. I think every event should be celebrated with cake. Birthday – yup! Paps smear – cake me! I went to work for 5 days in a row – very deserving of cake! How as a society of civilized people have we forgotten about Election Cake? Who doesn’t deserve cake more than the citizens that have spent months listening to endless political ads, their facebook feeds full of political name calling, and many uncomfortable family dinners?

This year, I have brought it back. I have and will be dispersing it at both my work and my husband’s. Happy Election Day! Time to celebrate our right to vote with voting and cake!

Batter is prepared and dyed.
Batter loaded.
Impatiently waiting.
Beautiful Election Cake sans the frosting.
An inside view of Election Cake. I feel like a food blog where they take 100 photos of the process when all you want is the recipe.


Suggested pairing.
Ready to #MakeAmericaCakeAgain

One thought on “Celebrating with Election Cake!

  1. Yum! We are going to the Democrat election night party tonight to be part of the crowd watching and hopefully celebrating! There’s also a tradition for women who break the glass ceiling that everybody wear white, which is kind of Awesome, as well as Pantsuit Nation… which I would do except I haven’t owned a pantsuit in about 15 years haha 🙂


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