We’ve Always Made it Work.

The take-off was aborted, and we rolled back to the gate. Once parked, my husband had grabbed the vomit bag and bee-lined it for the lavatories. In an hour, the mechanics fixed the “door ajar” light with some duct tape, and we were in the skies.

My husband took the row across from me, shivering and attempting to sleep. I, on the other hand, watched the free in-flight entertainment (three hours of home improvement shows) and indulged in the cheese platter and two glasses of the complimentary wine.


In the seat in front of my dying husband was a young woman with an 8-week old baby. I wondered if I would be able to work, take care of all of our pets, our micro farm, our rentals, my husband, AND a baby. My husband is not lazy by any means and wants to be a true partner. His disorder prevents him sometimes from doing that. Early that day, he had become so dizzy due to low blood pressure (medication issue) that he fell in the garage, breaking glass and bruising up himself pretty good. With his new medication, we have fewer bad days, but they still happen. We all have those days where we cannot function. My husband simply has them more frequently and without notice.


The plane landed an hour later then planned at 11:30 pm and I navigated my husband to the hotel for a few hours of shut-eye before his 9 am apt. the next day. That night and the next day, I lugged our suitcase upstairs, in and out of cars, and through downtown Seattle. I know people looked at the 5’4″ women manhandled the suitcase while a 6″ strapping man watched. I know what they were thinking of him and of us. It is a subtle reminder that you cannot judge a book by its cover. He could barely stay upright, yet he never complained. We spent the next two days pretty much shut into the hotel within five steps of the toilet. Not only was his medication off, but he also had either the norovirus or food poisoning. Our fun and romantic few days in Seattle before his surgery were squashed. It was disappointing, but it is the way life goes. Instead, I got a lot of computer work done. By the weekend, he had improved, and we were able to spend the weekend with one of my friends as planned. We got one romantic dinner and evening before his surgery yesterday. We’ve always made it work.




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