As I was getting up to get all the critters ready for bed last night, I noticed that he was back. Over the past few years, we have had several moose visit our house to raid the bird feeders. At first, they would simply lick them clean. Soon, though, they figured how to dump them out. We keep thinking that they would forget, but year after year, they come back. This year, though, we put them 10 feet up in the trees on a pulley system! Ha! Yet, the moose is back to clean up the bird’s sloppy mess on the ground.

Even after 30+ years of living in Alaska, I never get tired of seeing the wildlife. The closest bird feeder is about 3 feet from my living room window. It is the only time I’m comfortable being that close to a moose. On my drive back from Anchorage this weekend with two girlfriends, we counted ten moose, a coyote, and a caribou. I have foxes that come into my yard and often see the kits playing in the ditch of the road on my way to work. We had a brown bear in the neighborhood a few years ago. The owl is hooting every evening – the cat is staying inside! People spend thousands to come to Alaska to see what I see in my backyard. I feel very privileged to call this magnificent place home.


9 thoughts on “Moose-Feeder

    1. I can handle them raiding my birdfeeder but dread them getting into the garden. :/ One big bite out of this cabbage. Another bite of this one. They have to taste every single one. Absolute mayhem if they get into the garden.


    1. I have a friend in Chicago that has a raccoon living in a tree in their backyard. I loved watching him come out for the evening, stretch on the fence before he headed out for the evening. We also watched a snake copulating in a tree in their yard. City wildlife can be pretty amazing – at least to me since it is so out of my norm. We don’t have snakes or raccoons up here.


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