Organized Chaos

I taught an OSHER Lifelong Learning class today about my department at the museum. One woman asked me what I did in my downtime. It was that question that made me come screeching to a halt. I was confused. Downtime? You mean what do I do when I’m not at work? I guess my explanation of what I do came across as overwhelming.

One of the beautiful labs I manage.

Today was truly a day that reminded me how much I love what I do. Working with students. Collaborating with colleagues. Sharing my love of science and genetic research with the public. I excel at this.

We are toying with the idea of purchasing and taking over my family’s toy store next year. Some days, I’m ready to move on and start career two. Other days I question if I could do both. I would love to do both. I know though I couldn’t do both to the high standards I demand plus manage all my extracurricular actives. I want to do it all and do it well.

After my wonderfully exhausting day, I gave the dogs bones in lieu of a walk, and I played in the dirt for a bit. I have way too much planted but keep telling myself, I’ll can and freeze the excess. By fall, the canning and freezing always end up rushed and not enjoyed because as always, we’ve overextended ourselves. It is how we live our lives. Sure, hubby and I can both work a full-time job, have a vacation rental, a long-term rental, tons of poultry, three dogs, a cat, a garden, two beehives, run daily, keep a somewhat clean house, put up firewood for winter, go camping, go hiking, do laundry, breath, and sleep. Thank goodness for 24-hour daylight in Alaska during the summer and very potent coffee.

Tomorrow we head to Seattle for a medical follow-up for hubby which starts the next few weeks of trips for me (medical, work, pleasure – in that order). I hate the physical aspect of getting myself to a new place, but I love it when I get there. Depending on the test results, it could mean an IVF round as soon as July. I think I’m ready to attempt round three. Add IVF to my summer plans; we have time.


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