I feel ya, sista!

Today was my niece’s 5th birthday, and she got this plastic pooping puppy. It came with instructions on how to load the poop, how to make the dog go poop, how to wind up the dog to get it ready to walk, and how to make the dog walk. She was merely interested in loading the poop and dumping it out. Everyone else at the table felt the need to tell her how to do it. No, you have to push the tail to make it poop, don’t just dump it out. You can’t pull the leash off, it has to be attached to it like this. It ended with her screaming at a few of the adults because she sincerely wanted to be left to play with her dog the way she felt fit. There was no right way to play with it. Where did the adults get off instructing her how to use her toy?

That is exactly why people undergoing fertility treatment do not tell others about any of it. We are fucking going to do it the way we feel fit, and we don’t need you to tell us we are doing it wrong because we aren’t. I very much understood my niece’s frustration. I may resort to her tactics to get people to back off because it worked pretty damn well.


12 thoughts on “I feel ya, sista!

  1. SO TRUE! I have told very few people in my life because I just cannot handle the unsolicited advice. Oh OK, lady-who-has-been-pregnant-250-times-just-because-your-husband-looked-at-you … please, tell me again how I, girl-who-has-been-pregnant-ZERO–time-despite-her-husband-and-medical-team-doing-a-hell-of-alot-more-than-just-looking-at-her, should do this infertility thing better since you are CLEARLY an expert on INfertility.

    I swear, bossiness is just human nature for some people. Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if every one kept their opinions on how someone else they know nothing about could do something better…it might even cause world peace!

    As a side note…a pooping puppy?? Bizarre! Glad my nephews haven’t heard of that or they would be dying for one.

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    1. It came with a Barbie so I think you are safe from it. The Barbie was quickly detached from the dog. She was only interested in the puppy.

      It very much is human nature. I know I’m guilty at times though I’m learning to step back and simply say, “If you want my advice, let me know.” or “Do you want help?” instead of proceeding to do go ahead with my advice or assistance.


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