Cabbage and Mud

Before I went outside to take care of the ducks, I made sure the cookies were put up, and the baby gates were in place. I forgot the damn cabbage. Did you know you can leave fresh eggs on the counter at room temperature? The answer is no, no we cannot leave our fresh duck eggs on the counter. My dogs will eat anything and everything. If it is on the counter, it must be yummy. Even a quick trip to the bathroom, the counters must be food free, those mongrels will take advantage of me when my pants are down. They have no mercy.

The baby gates. We have no children, yet our house is littered with baby gates and mud. Lots of mud. Baby gates allow me to keep my dirty dogs confined to one area of the house. My dogs are the dogs that after wallowing in a huge mud puddle would then go roll in my bed. FullSizeRender 10.jpg

They are, for the most part, well-behaved but they are dogs. Alaskan dogs. It is spring, and so we are all bound to get a bit muddy and a hankering for fresh veggies.






One thought on “Cabbage and Mud

  1. When I was in Australia when Dan and I were dating, eggs are always sold right on regular shelves – no refrigeration, because they’re (gasp) fresh. Took me forever to get used to that! But yeah, I am thankful Ruby has arthritis so she can’t get to anything. Not that it stops her from cleaning up the duck shit in the backyard…


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