Simply Empowering

When I was living in D.C., I heard about a program called Girls on the Run (GOTR). I looked into it but with the long commute to and from work, I was never able to participate. Fast forward a few years when I move back to Alaska and GOTR is brought to Fairbanks. I signed up to coach and even raised funds through their Solemate program.

GOTR is a program designed to empower young girls through running. I participated as a coach for one semester while working a full-time job, going to school full time, and student teaching. Then medical issues hit and I had to bow out.

Today was this current group of young women’s end of GOTR season 5K run and celebration. Margaret from work went with me – the above photo is of her painting a runner’s face. Pre-race there is face painting and hair spray. I ended up with a blue and white heart plus covered in hair glitter. It’s for the kids, right? Then I ran with the girls on their journey. I encouraged them, I asked them about their day, and we had fun in the sun as a big supportive community for these young women. A celebration of them and their achievement – they moved their amazing bodies three whole miles!

I see myself in them. I started to run when I was about six and haven’t stopped since. I hope they continue to run. It is amazing what running can do both mentally and phsycially.

I went looking for the photo of me before my SoleMate fundraiser marathon. I found so many running photos! I also notice that I’m smiling in all of them – even the ones that were taken at the finish. That good old runner’s high! Simply looking at my past running photos make me grin ear to ear. In three weeks, I’ll be doing my 4th sprint triathlon with my mother. It took me a few years for me to convince my mom to try it and now she is unstoppable. Challenging both your mind and body is simply empowering.

And today, a team of runners attempted to break the 2-hour marathon. Almost. 23 seconds shy! It was something to watch! To think a human can run 26 miles in a little over 2 hours in absolutely AMAZING! I imagine in my lifetime, the 2-hour barrier will be broken. Probably not by me, but I do hope to do a sub-4 marathon eventually.








8 thoughts on “Simply Empowering

    1. It made me pumped up too! I have been lagging on my running as of late, this made me get off the couch and go for a 4 mile run with Echo puppy this moring. It was glorious!


  1. One of the blogs I used to follow used to be big into GOTR. I’m glad you are involved in this group with a wonderful mission. I admire your dedication to the sport of running. P.S. May I ask, what years were you in D.C.? We were there from 2006 -2012. Did our paths ever cross? We lived on Capitol Hill (C & 2nd SE), then Ballston, then Rosslyn. You said you had a long commute so I’m guessing you were outside the Beltway?


    1. I wish I had more time to be more involved. We shall see how the fall goes, I’d like to get back into coaching.

      I was there from 2010-2012. 🙂 I lived in Alexandra for about a year then bought a house in Hyattsville (near College Park, Maryland). I loved my job there but I didn’t like living in/near DC. The 45 min to an hour commute was brutal. Didn’t help that my husband was still living in Alaska. I ran a lot while I was in DC sincec all the races were new to me! I also hiked quiet a bit like out in the Blue Ridge area. What were you doing in DC? How’d you like it? You were there a lot longer than I was.

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      1. That is really admirable that you take the time to coach. I applaud you for that. So we were there at the same time. I love Alexandria! I haven’t spent too much time in Hyattsville. Some of my former coworkers lived there. Wow, so you and Shane were in a long-distance marriage. – that is hard. Did you do the cherry blossom 5k? I ran that one year.


      2. Sadly, we didn’t spend too much time exploring the outdoors. We did go to the national park in Great Falls, I forget the name. We did go snowboarding in western Virginia – Bryce-Basye. We did spend a lot of time on the National Mall playing kickball with our friends. I worked for two government entities while I was there. Email me at if you want to chat more about DC. I loved DC! I would move back in a heartbeat. It’s been five years since we left and it has changed a lot.


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