My Day In Pictures

This literally and figuratively sums up my week. It’s late (yes, 10 pm on a Friday is late) and I just want to be home. My husband took a few hours off work and we went to see David Sedaris. I needed that laugh. Now, I’m very capable of putting the limp-along on but I did mention it is late and I’m oh so deflated after this week? Instead, my husband is going to pick me up and this will be dealt with tomorrow.

Along with this:

And tomorrow I’ll have all day to cuddle with these:

The egg is in there for size comparison. As in – they exited an egg that size mere hours before. Granted, cuddling will have to wait till I pick my husband up from work, deal with the flat, and a filthy dog.


4 thoughts on “My Day In Pictures

    1. Ha! I’m not sure you meant a flat tire and a muddy dog as for more photos. 🙂 The baby ducks though are pretty freaking cute. I need to take more photos of them as they grow since it happens so fast!


  1. Thanks for providing glimpses into your life in Alaska. Those chicks are so cute. Hopefully the ordeal with the flat didn’t claim too much of your time other than a slight inconvenience. I owe you an email back and I haven’t forgotten.


    1. I ended up having to get all new tires because the tread on those was too low (illegal) to repair. Frack. You try to save and life keeps messing with you. sigh* Though, a car is kind of useless without wheels.

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