Turns out I am a mother!

Mother fucking awesome! Damn, my friends are the best and are on a roll! I had this card waiting for me when I got home today.

This got me to thinking of all the support I’ve received from both people I have met physically and those online. I got all kinds of emotional up in here.

EcoFeminist sent me this print this winter representing the support of this online network of amazing women. These friendships and understanding have made this journal bearable. How did women do this before the Internet?!? I owe a lot of my current level of sanity to her.

One of my best friends took the time to fold and mail me 1,000 cranes for good luck. I also have a pillow from her that says “My career plans were more exciting when I was five.” which cracks me up daily and a wooden duck that she hand carried all the way up from California that joined us on a hiking trip through Cordova before winding up in Fairbanks.

Then when my 2nd round of IVF failed back in August 2016 and I was at the lowest I’ve ever been (I was flat on the bottom of rock bottom), another best friend (I have a lot of bests) sent me a feeling journal to record how I feel. She filled in a few pages and allowed room for me to expand. I cried reading it then and cried again today re-reading it.

My husband also restocked the wine fridge today and is currently digging out my hammock! My hero!

I’m feeling very emotional, sentimental, well taken care of, and loved today. Man, my friends are mother fucking awesome! Getting all weepy.


11 thoughts on “Turns out I am a mother!

  1. ‘You might not be a mother but you are motherfucking awesome’ – I love that so much!! The journal page from your friend is also amazing – very touching.
    Yeah honestly I don’t know how women got by before the internet – imagine the huge sea of silence if you were going through infertility etc in pre-computer days.

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      1. The book I read was called Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes. About a girl who survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima when she was a baby. but she developed cancer. There’s a Japanese legend that says if you fold 1000 paper cranes you’d be granted a wish so she started in the hopes that it would cure her cancer. It’s a heavy book for a preteen but very beautiful. Apparently it’s a true story and her family donates some of her cranes to places of importance.


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