Dose of Ducklings

Every evening, I climb in the baby bird enclosure to hold and poke them, to get them use to us. As a reward, I provide them with a duckling sized pool filled with kale bits to bob for. They also clean out their nasal ducts and groom. While they’d love for me to leave the pool in full time, that has to wait till their adult feathers come in. For now, nightly baths and harassment will have to suffice.

The egg in the photos is to demonstrate their size a mere week ago. By fall, they hopefully will all be laying eggs – we are rooting for an all female cast.


5 thoughts on “Dose of Ducklings

  1. Totally need to pan out so we can see how big that brooder is!! We definitely did not spend enough time holding our ducklings, but fortunately they’re not too freaked out by us anymore (unless I’m trying to get them back into their run and then they quack loudly just like little kids who don’t want to go to bed)


    1. Yeah – it’s pretty big. I’ll get you a picture. 🙂

      Or second batch we didn’t hold or pester enough so more skiddish around us (this is batch #3). Though they all get grumpy when we make them go to bed. The goose gets especially sassy. I swear though, I learn so much every year with these birds. Constantly learning and improving which is why I enjoy attempting to homestead. We’ve now overwintered our birds for 3 full Alaskan winters! I call that a success! 🙂

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    1. Ancona – same as the big ones we have that are black and white. Though they do come in other colors – we think maybe two of these babies will turn out brown and white. Or so we hope. We shall see.

      Thanks! I just got it cut. Enjoying it short.

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