Barnyard Bargains

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 8.21.55 PM.png

My husband sent me this image earlier today. I told him I was making no decisions on this matter and it was all him. Can you guess how this ended up?

Well, I came home all eager for my irresponsible husband to have filled the garage with baby birds. He said that it would have been too much work, so he didn’t get any. Talk about some disappointment but some relief.

I bought it for all of five minutes.

We now have 13 Rhode Island Reds and 10 Buff Orpingtons! Our first go at meat birds. Now we only need to build an outside summer chicken house.

The baby ducks have grown – almost doubled – in the past five days.

The brooder is now full. It is made out of PVC pipe and can be divided which comes in handy with ducklings and chicks. It has handles and it light enough for us to carry outside once it warms up a bit. It has a foldable lid to keep the cat and aerial predators out.




The first thing I noticed between the ducklings and the chicks is the mess around the water. Those ducks do love their water.


So much for the big plan to hold off until next summer to do meat birds. Now we need to get working on their summer housing!


3 thoughts on “Barnyard Bargains

  1. Haha that’s awesome and thank you for showing the brooder photo…wow! An engineering marvel. Well hey at least the sign didn’t say 50% off goats or you may have come home to 6 goat-lings (as Dan calls them) in your living room…


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