Husband says Ludacris would be proud of my hoeing

Year after year, I’ve pretty much hand pulled weeds in the garden. This winter, Shane bought a book called The Market Gardener on organic gardening techniques, and it was all about the hoe. Granted, I gave him shit for buying yet another book (yes, you can have too many books) but then I was enthralled. So many new things to try!

This spring, I borrowed an old hoe from my parents and gave it a go. I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted hand pulling weeds. In less than an hour (I timed myself), I cleaned out three garden beds and the pea area.

I need to work on my technique though. While hoeing, I knew my bad back was going to be mad at me the next day, and I was so right. Perhaps there are more ergonomic hoes on the market these days?

As for this weekend plans, finishing the hoeing then torching the soil to kill any sprouting weeds before planting (recommended by the book). Official planting outside day in the interior of Alaska is June 1st. We had snow and hail yesterday as a reminder that we have that rule for a reason. Though I think may live dangerously and plant Sunday or Monday.

Before and After Shots:


The old garden area. One more year here before we move to the new garden area. Granted last year was our last and if I’d known I’d have one more year, I would have dealt with some of this in the fall. Live and learn.

2 thoughts on “Husband says Ludacris would be proud of my hoeing

  1. Next year just put flattened cardboard boxes over the beds before it snows with a few rocks or bricks to secure them and you won’t have to worry about weeds or hoeing šŸ™‚ we actually used an old rug for a couple of years which does the same thing. PS nice title. šŸ˜


    1. I’m so going to try the cardboard next year! We weren’t suppose to using these beds this year so I’ve neglected them and am now paying for it. Though I think they are about ready and even had the baby duck out there helping me today. And by the fall, we will have the new garden area ready!

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