Finding my Quiet

Last week, I went on my first solo run in months. It happened to be my first trail run of the summer. My mind naturally works fast. I have a hard time focusing on one project and even in conversations; my mind quickly leaves it and finds something new to ponder. Running is the one time I can quiet my brain down. I simply have to out run it. About a mile in, I’m breathing heavy, smiling deeply, and have found that zen yogis talk about. For me, I simply have to run hard to get there.

I need to work toward making more moments like this, outside of running. It is so easy to get caught up in life that you forget to simply be.

Embrace this moment
There is nowhere else to be
Find your Middle Ground

A hiaku from blog Find Your Middle Ground




4 thoughts on “Finding my Quiet

  1. Running used to be the one thing that could break me free from my frustration with infertility. Sadly, I injured my back (bulged disc) training for my next half marathon and have not been able to run again since. It has been over a year since I have been able to run. I really miss it!


    1. I’ve had so many injuries that have prevented me from running – bulged disc like you, knee surgery, broken ankle, IVF and I’m miserable because those are the times I need to run the most. I try swimming and yoga but not the same. I need to find otherwise to unwind. Though running is a sure fire way for me. I was in a fowl mood last night when I got home. I grabbed the dogs and the husband and hit the trails. My miracle mood enhancer.

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  2. Beautiful pictures – love your trail run. I’m not running at the moment and I miss it. I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say that running may have saved my sanity during these IVF and miscarriage years.


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