Inch by Inch, Row by Row, Gonna make this Garden Grow

It is hard to believe it is already the end of June and we still have 23 chickens and four ducks living in our garage. The coop is well underway, and we hope to get the birds moved in before we head to Seattle next week, it will make it easier for the critter sitter and more enjoyable for everyone. We salvaged a ton of plywood from some crates from work but needed to remove the pallet framing. It actually took us less time than I feared. The plywood will be the walls and the 1x4s for roosting trees. I think the coop is large enough for some chickens and perhaps one day two goats. One day.

While the baby birds spend their nights in our garage, during the day, we have started to let them free range with the big birds. The chickens are a little leery of leaving the safety of the garage whereas the ducks head straight for the pool.




The chickens have also taken to emptying their entire feeder, making a huge mess. They’ve always been the clean birds compared to the ducks. It took us a little while to figure out why they were doing this. Shane had mixed their standard feed with rolled oats. They were digging the oats out of the normal feed to get at the goodies. We won’t be doing that again.

Everyting in the garden is going gangbusters including the weeds. I spent some time enjoying my tomatoes and lettuce while weeding. I started everything this year from seed, including the weeds. I’m pretty proud of myself, and it makes that kale taste oh so much better.


7 thoughts on “Inch by Inch, Row by Row, Gonna make this Garden Grow

    1. Now if the tomatoes will only turn red before the snow flies! When I weed, the ducks and goose hang by the garden since they know I’ll toss them treats from the garden. They are very cute beggars.

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    1. It is my weeding song and I proceeded to get it stuck in Shane’s head yesterday. He was not aware it was a Muppet Show song! πŸ™‚ Yeah for green tomatoes! How did you garden handle the heat wave this weekend?


      1. I put bed sheets over the pepper cages and tomato stakes once it gets above 90 and also gave the carrot and onion bed an extra water as those are always the most sensitive. But our peppers are sitting there not growing so we’re going to add some compost to them tonight and hopefully that will wake them back up now that it’s back into the 70s.


  1. Wow, those ducklings are getting huge! I’m so impressed at your homesteading skills!
    Actually, I have a not-so-positive story to share about John Denver. My nuclear family witnessed his racism first hand in Shanghai in 1993. I’ll share it over email if you’re interested.


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