Seattle Update

I’m enjoying a coffee (haven’t had a coffee in weeks!) and watching trashy TV (currently Catfish on MTV). I’m about two hours post egg retrieval and so far, so good. Shane is out getting me a heating pad and McDonalds. 

We arrived in Seattle this past weekend. I’ve been feeling very large and grouchy (comes in waves) as I spent this week expanding and growing my eggs. To prevent OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome) we did a Lupron trigger and freeze all protocol.

All appointments have been in the morning so we have been able to enjoy the days here. Monday was a short hike on Tiger Mtn. with a good friend of mine. The three hour hike turned into a six hour excursion. We got a we bit lost but it was beautiful.

For the 4th, we headed to a Mariners baseball game. They lost, we sat directly in the sun, and it was great! Hot dogs and baseball, felt very American!

On the way back to the hotel, my brother-in-law (also critter sitter back in Alaska) called. Ugh, seeing his name on caller ID, I knew something not good had happened. His dog and one of ours met their first porcupine. Porcupine won. Ade dog had a few in her face. Buddy dog (doggie cousin) had it worse with quills in his tongue and mouth (we know what he was trying to do to the porcupine). Both pups had to be knocked out on a holiday to have the quills removed so I know it won’t be cheap. Echo puppy was bored while her playmates were recovering. Felt good that they were well taken care of but I miss our pups.

The following day we had my appointment and my husband’s pituitary appointment followed by a lazy day by the pool at the hotel and my Lupron trigger! 

Thursday we headed to the Terracotta warrior exhibit at the Pacific Science Center after yet another blood drawl, a nap, then a walk along the waterfront with Shane and a friend. Glorious.

Today, retrieval. Shane and I took bets on egg numbers. Shane won and was under – he guessed 25 and they got 26. They looked good and tomorrow we’ll know how many were mature and how many fertilized. Next week, how many made it to day 5, that is where it always goes to shit for us. 

Plans for the rest of the weekend dependent on how I feel but thinking Polish festival – perogies! Head home on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing the critters and the garden! 


14 thoughts on “Seattle Update

  1. Congratulations on growing those eggs and getting them out safely. Always such a relief. Sending all my best hope for a good day 5 report. Xo


    1. Thank you for the well wishes! I’m glad that is done with and happy that we have 4 embryos in the freezer. A long fall from 26 but it was to be expected (our MO). Four is better than we have ever done so we will take it!

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  2. rad you got to go to a Mariners game! I love Safeco Field!! When I lived there we all watched the Kingdome implosion then came and toured the new field when it was built. Will be weird when they change the name. Here’s to the 5 day wait eh…glad you can have some coffee!


    1. Tons of coffee has been consumed and I have loved every bit of it! The Mariners game reminded me a lot of going to Nationals games when I lived in D.C. Great way to spend a summer day when you don’t feel like moving!


    1. I’m an egg machine but like the doctor said, too many eggs and not enough resources so most with that number of eggs don’t end up with too many eggs. We got a respectable four which is 4x as many as we have gotten in the past so we will take it. That show Catfish is ridiculous but highly entertaining. There was only one “happy” ending out of the 10 episodes I watched (they must have had a marathon going on).


    1. Walking away with four but that is more than before, so we will take it! The exhibit was fantastic! One perk of big cities is there is always something going on. A few days later we went to a Polish Festival, an International Beer Tasting, and the 4th Annual Turban day – all taking place within 1/2 mile of each other!


        1. It is nice to know that I’m not the only one that has such a massive die off. It was extremely disappointing the first two rounds and this time, with changing so much, we thought we were going to do better. And we did. Just not as good as we hoped. I’m going to start thinking of them as my little fighters now. I like it!


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