Seasons Done Right.

Alaska does nothing half-ass. Fall is crisp, golden, brief, and foreboding. Winter is dark, cold, snowy, and pure magic. Spring is slushy, muddy, and full promise. Summer is hot but not too hot, the sun refuses to sleep, and it is simply splendid. The people soak up the sun as much as the plants do. We all thrive and push ourselves to exhaustion, knowing we will all get to hibernate here soon.

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

The other day as I stood in the kitchen watching the big puppy splash in the duck pool while an annoyed flock of birds watched her antics and admiring my flowers, it hit me that it was the end of July. Where has summer gone? Then I thought of winter and snow and -40, then I went outside to lay in the hammock to soak in as much summer as I could before the snow flies. Yeah, I know I got a few more month before that happens but it will zoom on by as June and July have. Before I blink it will be January and I’ll be dreaming of summer.


2 thoughts on “Seasons Done Right.

  1. Nice! I love the orange flowers at the bottom especially. I’m intrigued by Alaska having almost no darkness in summer…when I read that I thought, hmm, so I am guessing “night flowering tobacco” would not bloom there…. 🙂


    1. When you grow up with a never setting summer sun, it becomes normal. You forever associate dark and cold. When I went to Hawaii when I was 9, I remember getting off the plane at night and bracing for cold. It was an odd feeling for it to be warm yet dark outside.


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