A Somber Epiphany

I stumbled onto a new to me infertility blog and it goes back to 2013. I was like, holy shit that was a long time ago and they still are childless. It was discouraging, heart breaking, but I honestly felt a bit relieved that it wasn’t me. Then it hit me, we’ve been trying since 2013.



7 thoughts on “A Somber Epiphany

  1. I have not been trying as long so I’m not trying to say I know what that “somber epiphany” even feels like, but I do have a lot of emotions when I find an infertility blog that goes back several years without a resolution. It’s humbling and discouraging and it very well may be where I am in two years and I value being able to read all about peoples’ long experiences with infertility.
    The other kind of infertility blog that leaves me with a lot of emotions are the ones I find that are about 20 posts and then end abruptly with a baby. I guess because I already don’t think that will be me.


    1. You may be that person, and I hope you are. I wish no one years and years of this. Though it goes by so quick. I found it hard to believe we are on year four already. I thought one round of IVF, and we’d be taking home a baby 9 months later. That was a bitter pill to swallow. But you know what, some women do, and that is fantastic even though that is not me (I so deeply wish it was). Though I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.


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