Birthday Get-Away

For my 35th birthday, Shane made reservations for two nights at a public use cabin. We went there two years ago for my birthday. We had reservations for our anniversary last summer when Shane ended up having to go in for work-related double hernia surgery. A few days before this trip, Shane got a call to go on a fire in Montana. While we desperately need the money, he turned it down to spend these few days with me and knew I’d be disappointed to be cancelled on two summers in a row.

I got off work early (4:55 pm) and headed home. Shane was in the midst of baking my birthday cake from scratch (!!!) and finishing packing. He had hoped I would get hung up at work like I often do so I would have come home to a packed car. The dogs knew fun was about to happen and sat in the car for an hour waiting for us to get out shit together.


The plan was to stop for dinner in Delta at the Drive-In for dinner that is about a two hour drive from Fairbanks. Even though the hours said they were open till 10, they were not. We ate a dive nearby. And it was a dive – lukewarm soup, iceberg lettuce drowned in dressing, and a calzone that was simply a pizza folded over.

We finally make it out to the trailhead about 9:30 pm with a quick mile walk into the cabin. We still have about five hours before it gets “dark”. The dogs that have been sitting in the car for the hour before the trip, the three-hour drive, and the hour stop for dinner are out of control excited. They zoom down the trail, barking their brains out, and driving us mad. We get to the cabin and swim the dogs, hoping this will take the edge off so we can go to bed.



These photos were taken at 10 p.m. I love Alaskan summers!

It doesn’t. Every freaking 15 minutes they are up, pacing. Echo puppy starts whining at 2 am. I attempt to just let her out, thinking that she needs to go potty. Nope, both dogs bolt past me and sprint off into the woods. Here I’m naked on the cabin porch shaking a bag of dog food in the dark (more like dusk), yelling and cussing at the fucking dogs. Happy fucking birthday to me, this trip sucks. Once back inside, it is the same routine for the rest of the night – pacing, whining, and us considering feeding the dogs to the coyotes.

The next morning after the shitty night of sleep, Shane makes us some strong black tea and French toast. The dogs proceed to stare a tree for hours. Really, you got me up for that, assholes? Echo eventually gets bored and runs around the woods but Ade has to keep us safe from the squirrels.

The day improves the trip as we simply: Eat. Nap. Wine. Naked on the beach. Wine. Cake. Naked in the lake. Wine. Naked playing yatzee. Wine. Clothes on for downpour. Wine. Cake. Read. Wine. Fish. Wine. Read. Wine. Sleep.


Ade’s day: Stare at tree. Nap. Stare at tree. Forced boat trip. Stare at tree. Sleep.

Echo’s day: Stare. Run through woods. Chase bird along shore, back and forth. Swim. Check-in with Ade and stare at a tree. Run. Swim. Nap. Swim. Run. Nap. Run. Swim. Nap. Run. Swim. Sleep.

Thankfully the jerks slept the 2nd night, they were in bed before we were.

The next day, we finished up the trip with a short walk and swimming the dogs. I think the dogs had a great time.



12 thoughts on “Birthday Get-Away

  1. That’s so awesome!!!! Helluva birthday even if the dogs were…well…dogs 🙂 I think Ruby’s version now that she’s in very elderly stage would have been “eat random shit. sleep. fart. rub eyeball goo on our legs. eat random shit. sleep. fart.”


    1. It always is pretty magical – one of our favorite places to escape too. The cabin is free to reserve, they have a canoe and rowboat out there, and you have the whole lake to yourself. Even when it rains because you can hunker down in the cabin, listen to the rain on the metal roof, and read. No cell reception and nothing to do except relax.


    1. Exactly – you love them but they drive you crazy. I think how much money we have spent on them and how messy our house is because of them but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Birthday was great – spent it with my favorite human and canines. 🙂

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