We are doing a natural transfer and I’m in need of ovulation prediction kitS (OPKs). I haven’t bought or used one of these in years. I hopped on Amazon since I’m needing them in bulk and to my surprise, you can buy them used! What?!?!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.34.09 PM


I found a non-used one that seemed promsing. Turns out customers that bought this OPK also bought plastic cups. It took way longer than I’d like to admit why the hell people were buying plastic cups with and ovulation prediction kit. I’ve been out of this game way too long. The outdoor inflatable lounger chair and couch, I’m still in the dark. 😉

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.43.14 PM.png


15 thoughts on “OPKs in FBKS

  1. Probably to pee in! Way back in the day when I started using OPKs before we did IUI, I always peed in an old mason jar as I was always paranoid that I wasn’t hitting the stick properly or peeing for long enough. Come on, scientist lady! It’s a controlled test environment hahaha 😂


    1. I got to pee in but when you search “ovulation prediction kit” and you have the option of used ones which returns plastic cups?!?! Their algorithm is a bit screwy. Like you, I simply have a plastic pee cup that I’d use and wash afterward. Though I only used OPKs briefly, mostly did negative pregnancy tests.


    1. The digital ones seem a bit too expensive hence why I’m going with the striped ones. They seemed to work okay back in the day when I used them briefly. And the price is so right – $20 for 50!


  2. Ha! I’m an OPK POAS addict. I learned the hard way and buy disposable bathroom cups. A girl can only pee on her hand so many times before she wises up!

    As for the inflatable lounge? I think Amazon is playing the old “one of these things is not the like other…” game on you. 😉


    1. Or a group of people that buy those cups by the lounge chair. Then the other group buys them with their OPK kits so it is some weird algorithm connection thingie. Made us chuckle for sure.


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