Wanted a housekeeper for two adorable adults

As a child, I use to stand in the middle of my bedroom, eyeing the mess I was to clean, and break out in song. Why wasn’t my stuff flying about and putting themselves away? I practiced this along with flying, I never succeeded in either.

“In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap!
The job’s a game”

I have never felt that way about cleaning. Ever. There is not enough sugar in this world to make cleaning go down more smoothly. I hate cleaning though I enjoy the final product.

The other night after a day judging 4-H fair projects, spending time with a friend that needed some friend time, stuffing food into my face, and taking care of animals it was already 9 pm. I had a house guest coming at midnight.  We had got home from camping two days before but went right to work the day after camping. Shane was still at work (48 hr. shift). The house was a wreck and I was tired but I felt obligated to clean. I’m sure the houseguest appreciated the clean sheets and toilet. I tidied the kitchen/living room enough so I wouldn’t be too embarrassed. During all of this, I noticed that we needed to dust the TV area, that the walls I’ve been meaning to wash have yet to be washed (the dogs like to rub their faces on my walls), the couch vacuumed, and the kitchen cabinets wiped down.

While as an adult, I now know I cannot sing my way to a clean house or eat sugar, I’m opting for a better way to make this task go down. I’ve talked about adjusting goals to make them attainable in an earlier post. A goal that I have control over. My new life goal is not for me to become a better housekeeper, that is simply not going to happen. I do not have the time or energy to spend cleaning my house. I’d rather spend my time at work, volunteering, running, sleeping, or getting a root canal (I’ve had one before, and I’ll take it again over cleaning). My new life goal is to budget better so we can afford to hire a housecleaner. Someone to come in once a week to dust, mop, clean the showers, wipe down the walls, wipe down light fixtures, wash windows, wipe down kitchen cabinets, etc.

“Wanted a housekeeper for two adorable adults
If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Rosy cheeks, no warts!
Play games, all sort
You must be kind, you must be witty
Very sweet and fairly pretty
Take us on outings, give us treats
Sing songs, bring sweets”

I can maintain a somewhat surface clean but I fall so behind on the deep cleaning and it shows when I slow down enough to notice. How the hell people maintain a clean house is beyond me. I figure if we just had a little bit more help doing the household cleaning, it would lighten the load and make it easier to keep the house in shape.


22 thoughts on “Wanted a housekeeper for two adorable adults

  1. I loved how you brought Mary Poppins in! 🎶 My husband recently told me that I should realise I cannot do everything. No one can! Now we have a lady coming in twice a week to clean and a carer to look after my Dad-in-law and what a welcome relief! I realised you pay for your time back – I used to run around like a crazy person at midnight cleaning before people came over ‘cos I would avoid it until last minute panic sets in! I would love my own Mary Poppins… maybe she could pull some babies out of that big magic bag of hers! 😂


    1. That is my cleaning jam. 🙂 My husband and I joke that if we didn’t have houseguests or clean for housesitters, we’d never clean our house. I need to look at how much it would cost to have someone come in. We try to do it all but we are falling so far behind. I feel though as if I need to clean for the house cleaner though too. :/


  2. Dan cleans bathrooms and mops – everything else to me is optional since I’ve got that. Occasionally I sweep since all our floors are hardwood (we don’t own a vacuum cleaner, yay!) and we’re not a take-your-shoes-off house . I’d pay someone to clean my stove though!


    1. If only you could see the face smears the dog leaves on the walls. :/ We are also a shoe-free house but the dogs never got the memo. I’d like to think our house would be cleaner if we didn’t have dogs but I’m not giving them up. Shane is all over cleaning the stove! Shane pretty much cleans the kitchen and does the dishes because that is my least favorite cleaning task. Making a mess in the kitchen – I’m all over that though! Muhahaha!


      1. I know I think you read my comment wrong, we’re NOT a shoe free house, hence why I have to sweep 🙂 So when Dan moved to America he had never lived in a house with a dishwasher and I had to teach him how to properly load a dishwasher as he just started throwing things in there willy-nilly and driving me insane! But I am happy to say after three and a half years of marriage we pretty much have a good routine when we cook together, although I’m always amazed how much of a mess he makes considering he works in a kitchen all day long 🙂


        1. I did – how the hell do you keep the floors clean and allow shoes? We should sweep daily and we are a shoe free house. Someone once said that shoes or not to wear shoes is a regional thing.
          I’m a load a dishwasher all willy-nilly kind of gal. Drove a former roommate insane.


  3. Love your cleaner add! I hate cleaning too. Such a pain. But I love a clean house. We have a cleaning lady who comes every 2 weeks and does a deep clean of bathrooms & kitchen and ironing & hoovering. It’s great, as it means we just need to do a surface clean in between. Sometimes I find cleaning not so bad if I’m playing music in the background but I normally get fed up and want a break after 20 minutes or so!


    1. I’m liking that several of you have house cleaners. I feel that it is a far fetched idea but you are making it seem more doable. I’m getting excited that it just may happen!

      I’m a distracted cleaner and am easily derailed by finding a magazine or book. :/


  4. Ugh, I feel your pain. As I designed my little house, I thought ahead to cleaning it (and how to make that simpler!) As I pick cabinets and finished and trims, I’m definitely thinking about long-term storage & organization, and long-term keeping it clean. I don’t like to look at clutter, dirt, and mess because I am my mother’s child; but I hate cleaning up the mess so I’m thinking ahead to keep that as simple as possible.


    1. Even our small and simple house gets dirty – especially when “farming”. I blame most of the mess on the dogs. I always tell myself if I stay up on it, it is easier then letting it go too long. Hasn’t worked yet.

      I love organization! I’ll have to take a photo of our garage – most organized room in our house and I love it.

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      1. Most of the mess in my house is due to my husband’s occupation. He’s a brick mason, so when he empties his pockets dust literally flies out of his clothes in mushroom clouds. I wish I were lying. Looking forward to seeing that garage 😊


  5. I have to say I’m a bit of a reluctant cleaner, there just always seem to many better things to do. Getting a cleaner was my one demand to my husband when I went back to work after maternity leave, I couldn’t live without her now.


    1. I couldn’t agree more that there is always something better to be doing then cleaning! I think everyone has me sold on the idea of a cleaner. Now to figure out how to find one.


  6. We tried to talk my sister into moving in with us so that we could split the ‘adulting’ three ways. We figured that if we had three adults it would mean slightly less cleaning and other grown-up things per person.


  7. I hum and haw about this all the time. I hate cleaning, but I love a clean house. Some part of me feels like I have no business getting a housekeeper when I don’t have children keeping me busy, but the rest of me is like “Eff that – I work hard for my money and can spend it however I want”. I think I might jump on the bandwagon with you and hire one too!


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