Fire, Food, and Forage

Shane is out on his first forest fire assignment since his diagnosis. This is all thanks to a new pharmacy insurance plan that covers the brand of medication we want and not just the brand the insurance company is in bed with. I’m alone manning the rental, the “homestead, ” and working full time but I’m okay with that because, for the first time in three years, Shane is in the middle of reclaiming his life. I honestly thought he’d never go on another wildland fire again as we thought of how the hell we could operate a mini-fridge in the wilderness. The new meds do not have to be refrigerated, he feels great, and out into the wilds of Alaska he went.

Second day of bachelorhood, I had zucchini bread and coffee for brunch after dealing with slight flooding in one of my labs, cheez-its for lunch while cleaning the rental, more zucchini bread for an 8 pm dinner after the critters were fed and watered. At 8:40 pm, I realized I needed more substance, but we haven’t been grocery shopping in awhile (thinking about 2 weeks as of today). I ended up with an open-faced hummus, pickled radish, and feta cheese sandwich with a glass wine and freshly made kale chips. Not too shappy.



I’ve also been reading the book Animal, Vegatable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver which has encouraged me to continue to be more mindful about my food.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.27.41 PM.png

Now how does all of this relate? While Shane is gone on this fire assignment, I have decided not to grocery shop. This includes, not eating out when I’m sick of the lunch I packed myself (was already today hence the cheez-its). I’m going to forage in my own house and garden. Clean out the fridge and cupboards. Use what we already have – we have a lot of food tucked away plus a full wine cooler. I’m set for the week!


8 thoughts on “Fire, Food, and Forage

  1. I love cleaning out the fridge / cupboards and coming up with creative ways to use it. Mr. Big and I usually whip up a pizza dough and cover it with anything we can find – makes for an interesting meal but almost always turns out good!


  2. It’s definitely a good time of year to do it… Well minus the fact that it’s going to be 96 here again today which doesn’t make stovetop anything sound good… Tonight I’m going to make corn fritters and a new recipe for tomato pie, as I had tried helping my husband make a double load of biscuits (so we could freeze a bunch) and when I ran out of butter I had decided to substitute shortening… And when we baked them they all tasted like pie crust instead of buttermilk biscuits… So I’m going to use them for a pie crust base for the tomatoes!

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    1. A good time as we are filling it with all kinds of new stuff but I agree with too hot to cook. No biggie since I don’t cook while Shane is away, I “graze”. Never make a “meal” per se. I’m glad you could find a use for the biscuits! I have some blah applesauce I made last year and I’ve turned it into very yummy cranberry butter! 😀


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