Man, I take some strange photos.

I haven’t felt much like blogging. Too many other pressing tasks at hand as the summer quickly fades and Fall is here in full force. We are in full on Fall panic mode. Project after project yet nothing feels accomplished. Fall panic will last for another week, then winter will be here. Bwhahaha. Okay, I got at least two weeks before winter. Maybe. I always look forward to the EcoFeminsts week in picture blog so I figured I’d go look at what I’ve been snapping pictures of. My photos are pretty lame but they sure are diverse! Plus this makes for an easy check-in blog.

To start off, green tomatoes. The tomatoes are never going to get ripe when it is this cold outside (and it ain’t getting warmer till May) and I can only fit so many plants in the garage so I made green tomato pickles.


This along with other canning endeavors has filled up the pantry. We had to add more shelves and reinforce them. Still in the progress of cleaning/organizing it but feeling pretty stoked about how much we have canned. Most we’ve put up for winter! We will be eating well at -40F!


To thank the bees for their honey, we’ve been feeding them sugar water so they have something for this winter. They require a lot of sugar water resulting in a very sticky kitchen. Tired of standing over the stove staring at the microwave, the clever me moved my TV show into the microwave. Genius. This has improved sugar water and bee candy making though it still sucks.

The dogs bored of sugar water making, canning, and organizing the pantry finally talked me into a car ride. We went to visit Shane at work, made their little doggie day. An easy way to make them happy. Plus I enjoy it too.


To relax, I go to work. I royally screwed up this reaction (diluted it too much) but it still worked which made my day. Probably will do better when I do it correctly. The bright bands are ancient DNA from walrus. I took this on my iPhone because the normal camera was not working and my patience was waning.


One glorious day, someone thought we were missing out on the nice fall colors so we were sent outside for a half an hour break. It was glorious. We need more fire alarms.


Then while getting supplies for a class I’m teaching, I saw this pillow. Oh so tempted to get it for my work couch.



Now to go put my face in a feed bag.



6 thoughts on “Man, I take some strange photos.

  1. Green tomato jam!! And of course, fried in cornmeal! Well your pantry is in a lot better shape than ours aesthetically πŸ™‚

    Along with sugar water we also keep a big supply of broken up candy canes during the dead of winter to slip in there on the milder days. I found some “natural” ones (sugar instead of corn syrup) and bought several boxes last year! Of course you guys don’t really have mild days in Winter there haha… By far the last picture of the dog was the very best πŸ™‚


  2. You know its funny, down in the south those tomoatoes would have become fried. It was also interesting to me how I have been excitedly anticipating fall so it would cool off which is exactly why you didn’t want it. Funny how geography colors perspective. The walrus DNA has me intrigued… what do you do for a living?


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