About me (the woman behind the computer):

After you are introduced, most people follow up with “what do you do?” I do a lot and wear many hats like most people. I get paid to be a scientist and science educator. I also travel the world (sometimes I get paid to do it and sometimes it is on my own dime). I run, a lot because it is the one time my brain takes a breath. I garden, I raise ducks, I quilt, I love, I laugh, I hike, bike, snowboard, ski, tinker, and explore.


About this blog: My musings, my rants, my pain, my joy, my life. A bit farm, a bit science, a bit (a lot?) infertility.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alaskan Blueberry, my apologies for contacting you through your about page but I couldn’t find another way to contact you. I’m new to the blogging community (and maybe still a bit stupid about it 🙂 ). I just felt I needed to let you know that I have found such an affinity to your blog. I am a scientist and science communicator myself. I also love to run, to hike and even though I don’t farm, I do love to cook and eat what other people farm! I feel better knowing that on the other side of the world, is another scientist struggling to find the meaning in infertility. I also want to let you know, that your life is full and magical. It reminds me that life shouldn’t stagnate while we’re waiting to become mothers. I hope you’ll know that in a very sunny Africa, there’s a lady, saying thanks to you today :).


    1. Hello, Rogue Scientist! I started the blog as a therapeutic release, and it has succeeded in that, but it has also made me feel oh so less alone in life. The first year of TTC, I wasn’t living, and our life was stagnant. I read the book Lean In which slapped me in the face – do not lean out until you are there. Glad I took that advice otherwise, 4 years later and no baby, I’d be a lot sadder. I also find being a scientist, infertility is not as scary because I understand the science behind it and can ask informed questions. Best is when my old RE started talking to genetics to me, and I was like nope, that is not how that works. I don’t think anyone had ever called him on it and I explained how it did work (probability of inheriting a genetic mutation). I could ramble on, but I’ll shoot you an email here. 🙂

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